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This plugin will provide a table-of-contents (TOC) component.


npm i -D @vuepress/plugin-toc@next
import { tocPlugin } from "@vuepress/plugin-toc";

export default {
  plugins: [
      // options

Differences with Markdown TOC Syntax

Similar to the Table of Contents Markdown Syntax, the TOC component that provided by this plugin could be used in your markdown content directly:

<!-- markdown toc syntax -->


<!-- vue toc component -->
<Toc />

Both of them can be pre-rendered correctly in build mode. However, there are some differences between them.

The markdown syntax [[toc]] could only be used in markdown files. It is parsed by markdown-it, and the generated TOC is static content.

The component <Toc/> could be used in both markdown files and vue files. It is loaded by vue, and the generated TOC is a vue component.

This plugin could work together with @vuepress/plugin-active-header-links by setting the headerLinkSelector to match the linkClass option. When the page scroll to a certain header anchor, this corresponding link will be added linkActiveClass class name.

Therefore, this plugin is more useful for theme developers.



  • Type: string

  • Default: 'Toc'

  • Details:

    Specify the name of the TOC component.


  • Type: Partial<TocPropsOptions>

  • Default: {}

  • Details:

    Override the default values of the component options prop.

Component Props

The TOC component also accepts props for customization.

  <Toc :headers="headers" :options="options" />


  • Type: PageHeader[]
interface PageHeader {
  level: number;
  title: string;
  slug: string;
  children: PageHeader[];
  • Details:

    Specify the headers array to render.

    If this prop is not specified, the headers of current page will be used.


  • Type: Partial<TocPropsOptions>
interface TocPropsOptions {
  containerTag: string;
  containerClass: string;
  listClass: string;
  itemClass: string;
  linkTag: "a" | "RouterLink";
  linkClass: string;
  linkActiveClass: string;
  linkChildrenActiveClass: string;
const defaultOptions = {
  containerTag: "nav",
  containerClass: "vuepress-toc",
  listClass: "vuepress-toc-list",
  itemClass: "vuepress-toc-item",
  linkTag: "RouterLink",
  linkClass: "vuepress-toc-link",
  linkActiveClass: "active",
  linkChildrenActiveClass: "active",
  • Details:

    Customize the TOC component.

    If the containerTag is set to an empty string '', the <nav> container will be removed totally.

  • Example:

    The rendered TOC component with default options looks like:

  <!-- container -->
  <nav class="vuepress-toc">
    <!-- list -->
    <ul class="vuepress-toc-list">
      <!-- item -->
      <li class="vuepress-toc-item">
        <!-- link -->
        <RouterLink class="vuepress-toc-link" to="#foo">Foo</RouterLink>
      <!-- item with children -->
      <li class="vuepress-toc-item">
        <!-- link (children active) -->
        <RouterLink class="vuepress-toc-link active" to="#bar">Bar</RouterLink>
        <!-- list (children) -->
        <ul class="vuepress-toc-list">
          <!-- item -->
          <li class="vuepress-toc-item">
            <!-- link (active) -->
            <RouterLink class="vuepress-toc-link active" to="#bar-child"
              >Bar Child</RouterLink